Hunter Clarington
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FC: Nolan Gerard Funk
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I’m bored of this year now, Christmas needs to get here ASAP.



Can we not, Hunter-dearest?

I’m not allowed to hit on your brothers? Is this one straight?


Not your personality, just the face. Eh, it was alright. I had to make more friends anyway, but that’s hardly what him and I are. Question is how did you survive so long without talking to me? 


You’re not planning on making friends with my brother? Glad to hear it. I honestly have no idea how I survived, I think it involved a lot of comfort eating and staring at pictures of you.

I’m bored of this year now, Christmas needs to get here ASAP.


It’s September, you animal, at least wait until after Halloween.


The name calling is hot, Hummel. Or that might just be you. Anyway, I know I have to wait. I don’t have to be happy about it.


Eh, I can make due with both. Tried hanging out with your brother for lunch once, wasn’t the same, despite the face resemblance. 


You missed me that much? Aw I feel guilty for talking bad about your penis now. My brother is nothing like me though, what did you expect?


In my pants might be a good place to start. 


Oh god no, I don’t know what I’d expect to find in there, beside your micro-penis of course.

Kidding. I should probably start off being nice and get to the insults later huh?

sirharrisonclarington whispered: Text: Hey asshole, so since Celia's getting punished on Sunday, I figured it'd be nice to have family dinner on Monday or Tuesday to cheer her up.



Text: What did she do? Okay, I want pizza. Make it Tuesday.


Text: Quinn just feels the need to overcompensate her dominance because she’s a switch and doesn’t want anyone thinking that she’s actually choose submission. She really needs to lighten up and get over herself.

Text: But I’ve been bored lately and you acting up is fairly entertaining…. You can have your pizza though and then she can get whatever she wants as well.

Text: Is Celia happy with her though?

Text: I’m not here for your entertainment, Harris. Yay, I want mushrooms and bacon on mine. And extra cheese.

I’m bored of this year now, Christmas needs to get here ASAP.


Right? I usually manage to hold off on Christmas preparations until after Halloween but I’m so much more impatient this year.


I never can hold off. It’s especially bad this year because I’m not very excited for Halloween. I don’t have a costume idea.

I’m bored of this year now, Christmas needs to get here ASAP.


I’m sensing a pattern…


You make him run too? What kind of monster are you? 

Between your boobs and me?

I don’t make him run, he enjoys it. Especially when I run in front of him so he can stare at my ass. The hot kind. I’m like one of those demons who seduces people. What are they called?

I’m bored of this year now, Christmas needs to get here ASAP.


Well you’re clearly still over abundant with confidence - so glad to see you haven’t changed in you Mia-ness. Eww. Yeah, don’t say that ever again. Feels weird coming from you. But I’m glad to hear you’ve had good company

I’m never gonna change, don’t you worry your pretty little head about that. Okay I won’t, that was sappy as hell. Of course, I keep only the best company.

rhyswashington whispered: Look who it is.

Look where?